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Why Hire Virtual Assistant in the Philippines?

Virtual Assistant Philippines

If you are a small or middle sized company business owner you are probably, most of the time, burried under the piles of papers, unfinished tasks and unsent mails. Naturaly you need a professional who will do the job for you and hiring a professional is usually bringing financial obligations that most of the owners can’t handle or they are just not willing to pay full salary accompanied with social security package.


This is where the answer to the question “Why hire virtual assitant in the Philippines?” jumps in. Virtual Assistant, popularly known as VA is something that you MUST think about, because living in a 21st century is giving you so much options to both improve your business and cut your costs. So, why Philippines based and not some other country, you may ask yourself. First of all, and obvious one, the Philippines are bringing high quality services for a fee that is at least 50% lower to what you would pay for a US based employee. In most of the cases this is even lower.


On the other hand, if money is not a problem for you and you are looking for a reliable, professional, English speaking, full time or part-time employee that won’t complain how he/she stays working too long or how the pay is too low, you definitely have to think about a VA from the Philippines.


First of all, most of the Philippines speak English and they use it in everyday life. Secondly, we are offering services in a better quality than your average home-town employee, which will bring a smile to your face once you realize that you are getting A+ service for only pocket money. Thirdly, we won’t let you down and we will continue working with you, bringing solutions to your business on every day or part-time basis.


Virtual Assistant Services at Its Best


Online SEO Marketer can provide you the services that you need for virtual assistants who can cater all your delegated tasks with utmost professionalism. Essentially, we can do all the tasks you would assign with a phone or computer. Below are the tasks which can be done by a virtual assistant:


  • spreadsheet data entry, powerpoints, word processing,
  • internet research, Google adwords, online marketing, SEO/ Social Media
  • event scheduling, organizing meetings, personal assistance
  • website development/ graphic design
  • accounting services (bookkeeping, payroll, taxes)
  • phone answering/ customer service, and telemarketing,
  • email marketing
  • or any custom office work that need to be done

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