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Google Panda 3.4 Update

Google Panda 3.4 update is an algorithim that helps in the ranking of search results,what Panda seeked to curb was the ranking of sites with poor content with regard to search results.


Google Panda places the emphasis on user experience hence prompting website developers and owners to not just create sites that are just search engine-friendly but better for the user’s experience as well by providing relevant information.


The latest update Google Panda 3.4 which targets low content websites with low ontent value in nature and contain otherwise content copy pasted from other site or content that is not original,has been estimated to affect 1.6 percent of queries,as Google has confirmed this announcement via twitter this afternoon.


Google Panda 3.4 update is expected to exhibit more direct facts and results to queries at the top results page,the update is expected to be incorporated with a new search technology called ‘semantic search’ which will optimise search through understanding the meanings of actual words.


Google is said to have amassed a new database containing millions of data consisting of people,places and things,all this data having been quietly collected over the past two years.Smantic search technology will use the association of different words with one another such as a company and it’s founders a good example Google and Larry pang and Sergey Brin.


The Google Panda 3.4 latest update will incorporate searcheswith attributes such as,a search result on Lake Tahoe revealing key attributes such as it’s salt content,altitude,average temperature and location as well as a more complex search like the “10 deepest lakes in Africa” which would give an answer instead of a link to another website as it would today.


The new update willl utilise identification of information and specific eferences of the search rather than the keywords themselves.

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