What is a Virtual Assistant?

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Have you ever tried searching for online jobs and encountered a need for virtual assistant? Seems a new job description in the online industry right?

In this article we will tell you what is a virtual assistant and who knows, maybe you qualify to be one.

A virtual assistant (VA) may is also called a virtual office assistant and may provide you with different services and specialization. The main difference with the usual assistance services that we see is that a virtual assistant works independently either from home or in his or her own office and offers services or field of specialization to a diverse individual or group like entrepreneurs, businesses, or professionals who have a lot of things to do that they do not have all the time to carry them all out. This is the reason why they need assistance to do them. The work is contractual which means that they are not tied to the person, company, or group that they work for that is why they are not entitled to any benefits such as insurance and employee-related taxes but clients are free to give them bonuses or incentives especially if they had done a great job. Clients pay 100% for the work alone and they may either work with a single or several virtual assistants.

As virtual assistants work remotely, they have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime they want to as long as they can meet the clients’ deadline and work needs. They can tailor the services they offer depending on what the clients want and this will ensure that they will have lasting working relationship. Virtual assistants aim to provide lasting and continued services to the clients. They own their own business of offering assistance to those who need it and they are making real home-based business.

Works are often submitted through different modes of communication such as the Internet, through e-mails, fax, or through phone calls. Charge for the services may be per hour, per page, per project, or in case of an event, you can have a percentage.

Offering assistance virtually is flourishing business and are mostly taken advantage by individuals who got all the necessary resources and knowledge regarding the business and do not want to be working for someone but be his or her own boss. Currently, virtual assistant has its own standards and definitions to follow.

There is money in this business so why not try it and see how you can grow a business through virtual assistant.


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