Advantages and Disadvantages of Google One Policy

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Google is abolishing its over 60 different privacy policies and intend to replace them with a shorter and easier one to read. According to Google, the new policy which is covering multiple features and products reflects on its desire to form a single brilliantly simple and insightful experience across its network. The changes are expected to take full effect on 1st March, 2012. The main question is how good the new policy is.

Google is the largest leader in search engines, a position it has been holding for many years. It has maintained a stable market trend whereas companies like Yahoo have had steeply declining profits at some instances since their inception. Such companies may have on some cases recorded good results, but the Google’s upward trend has been remarkable. A lot of Google achievements emanated from Ads found in its products and services. The new policy seeks to ensure that only one policy is applicable to all its product and services.

The new policy provides for integration of all the Google accounts of a single user. This implies that your Google+ account would be linked with your Gmail and YouTube accounts. The information acquired by Google in one account shall apply to all other accounts and can be utilized by the company to gain profitability in another area. This is a major advantage to the Google Company. For instance, if you searched for Samsung Galaxy videos in YouTube, then Google shall know that you have some interest in the item and shall forthwith start displaying ads related to your search item in your other accounts and Google sites. This makes readers to be more interested in ads.

Besides, the new strategy ensures that there is only one policy to be updated in future if need be. Lesser time will also be needed for the same. The policy further makes it easier for Google to cover all its products and services. It is a major milestone in its endeavor to simplify its operations.

The new policy is advantageous to you in the sense that it will be easier to work across the Google network. You can easily move across YouTube, Gmail, Calendar, Search, Google, etc. with a lot of ease. The policy is also tailored for you in that Google can suggest search queries based on information and interests you have given in Gmail, Google+, and YouTube. This means that you shall get the search results much faster.

In addition, it will be easier to share information and collaborate with Google. With the new policy in place, you will be able to share any Google product or service with minimum number of clicks and errors. The new policy is shorter and easier to read making it quite simple and understandable. If you agree to new policy, you do not have to sign policies agreements with every Google product and service.

However, the new privacy policy has been met with a lot of criticism. This is due to the disadvantages and risks it poses to you. This massive integration of information poses a major security hazard. Though Google claims it has put enough measures to guarantee complete privacy and security, this information getting in the hands of unauthorized third party could be disastrous. Furthermore, if by using one product you breach the privacy policy, then you might lose privileges in other services and products. To Google, there is possibility of losing customers. If they lose a consumer on one product, they lose on all other products.

There is a lot be known about the new policy. It all depends on how best suited it is to the market.

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